5 Flatbread Ideas For Date Night

Are you running out of fun ideas for date night meals? You might be surprised to learn that flatbreads are actually incredibly easy to make at home. Even if you have already tried to make your own flatbreads, there are actually quite a few different ingredients that will give the meal an entirely new meaning. Want to shake up your flatbread with some new ingredients? These flatbread ingredient ideas are sure to make for an entirely new date night experience.

1. Sweet Potato

You might not think about it as a regular topping, but sweet potato can really boost the flavor profile of a flatbread, making it feel fuller. Want to pair something well with sweet potato? You have quite a few options. Ricotta cheese goes well with sweet potato, and arugula is a great vegetable that goes well with the sweet potato.

2. Eggplant

Eggplant is a fantastic vegetable to add to your flatbread, especially if you are vegetarian and don't wish to have meat on your dish. If you are looking to add some more flavor to your dish, you can certainly spice it up. Hummus with a bit of spice makes for a great bed for your eggplant.

3. Scallions

If you love veggies on your flatbread, you will love the taste of scallions added to your favorite flatbread dish. Scallions add a different burst of flavor than onions and leeks, giving you more intensity in your flavor profile.

4. Kale

Kale is a great choice for flatbread because it can be prepared in a variety of diverse ways. Kale can be served fresh on flatbread if you want to give a salad vibe, and it goes great with meat too. Sausage is a fantastic pairing for kale on a flatbread. Looking to mix it up with something new? Why not serve your kale crispy, cooked in oil ahead of time? This adds some more texture to your dish.

5. White Beans

Beans on a flatbread? It's not as strange as you might be thinking. White beans are tasty, especially if you want to make a vegetarian dish that still packs a healthy punch of protein. Plus, white beans go great with spinach on a flatbread. You won't regret the choice.

Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with trying new ingredients on a flatbread. You have so many different options to choose from, so why not start experimenting now? For more information, contact companies like Klosterman Baking Company.

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Are you running out of fun ideas for date night meals? You might be surprised to learn that flatbreads are actually incredibly easy to make at home. E